Warm Homecomings, Royal Reunions: Staying Grounded to Keep You Going

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Patou was in Monaco for her mother's birthday with her husband Thierry, her four sisters their husband and nieces. I am always happy to be in Monaco and in our family home, where we all grew up: there are so many memories.
When I am visiting my mother in Monaco each time I see old friends that attended school with me, including Prince Albert de Monaco. We had an amazing lunch at my mother's house and showed him my latest work, which he liked very much.

Therefore, the point to this week's blog, is to look at who and what is around you for inspiration. Maybe it's a family member who has overcome a tough challenge, a joyful dog, a great dinner with friends and wine you had recently that will, in some way or another, weave its way into your work.

Recall your memories, look at your surroundings and open your heart to what's familiar, as well as what scares you; for you never know it will better you and what flows through your brush, lens or whatever medium you call your own.

  "Art is magical, welcome into my world"  Patou

Artists in Casa: Patou “Art is magical. Welcome to my world”

Friday, December 02, 2011

Casa de Campo is full of artists! As well as the many young and talented artists at the Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design there are many other established and well-known artists who call Casa de Campo their home and Patou is one of these artists!

Patou has been living (somewhat part-time) in Casa de Campo for over a year now and has been drawing on the serenity and natural beauty of Casa de Campo for inspiration for her beautiful abstract paintings. Patou, being a very welcoming friendly person invited me into her home to view her paintings and her workshop which overlooks her gorgeous garden.

As well as paintings on canvas, Patou creates ‘art trays’ – a very simple concept, which is very beautiful! Patou takes an ordinary tray and adds one of her paintings to create a bright and colourful tray!

Art Furniture by Patou

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Originally from Monte Carlo and having lived in some of the world’s most inspiring places, Patou has earned international acclaim for her paintings. And now, she is garnering solid recognition for her art furnishings—Joyful and Puzzle.

“My original art furnishings and paintings bring happiness and encourage people to dream,” says Patou. “For me, the way to be revolutionary in art is to touch people.

Viewing life as if she’s looking through a camera that’s out of focus, and finding her muse in everyday objects, moments or surroundings—a blank canvas, a person passing her on the street or a glimpse of the sea—Patou thinks of herself as the adventurer in her little art and design world. Why? Because she always dares to go somewhere she doesn’t know.

Patou is offering a Limited-edition collection called "Joyful". The Joyful collection features a console table which is a true collector's item. These Limited edition pieces are hand crafted & numbered, the "Joyful" collection is available only through Patou Fine Art & Design.

Joyful Console Table

Showcased at the gallery is Patou’s custom-designed, one-of-a-kind console series, Joyful. Created in Patou’s emotionally charged spirit and style, Joyful is a natural extension of the artist’s three-dimensional, large-scale and heavily tactile abstract-expressionist paintings. Run a finger along the consoles’ curves and feel Patou’s vibrant energy. Pair a Joyful console with a Patou painting, and take in their combined power. Or use the consoles; they are designed with not only aesthetics in mind, but also function.

Patou is offering a Limited-edition collection called "Puzzle". The Puzzle collection features cocktail table sets, each  individually numbered and embossed piece is a true collector's item. These Limited edition pieces are hand crafted & numbered, the "Puzzle" collection is available only through Patou Fine Art & Design.

Puzzle Console Tables

In addition to the consoles, Patou is proud of her limited-edition art furniture series, Puzzle. Featuring individually numbered, embossed cocktail sets and consoles, Puzzle never fails to spark conversation—and keep people talking. Simply stated, Puzzle is fresh and energetic, fun and playful. The pieces are ideal for any space.

Cocktail Table with Glass

Console Table with Two Glasses

Console Table with Two Glasses 8 ft. Long

Puzzle Table Collection featured in Selecta magazine

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Un original rompecabezas para decorar su sala de estar
La línea de mueblería Puzzle, creada por Patou, nos presenta un innovador concepto de diseño interior. Se trata de creaciones únicas que son parte de una serie en edición limitada concebida como originales obras de arte. Esta mesa de centro que es parte de la colección, está compuesta por tres piezas que imitan la forma de un rompecabezas y pueden ser utilizadas en conjunto o por sí solas.

Not as Easy as it Looks: The Process of Abstract Painting

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Before there’s a house, there’s an empty patch of land. Before there’s a book, there’s a blank page. Before there’s a painting, there’s a white canvas.
But bridging the gap from white canvas to finished painting is no easy task, especially for abstract art. Imagine staring at a blank paper or white canvas, paintbrush at the ready, and not knowing where to start.  Sound challenging? Even seasoned and acclaimed abstract painter Patou thinks so.
So how does she handle the challenge? Patou says that she starts by thinking long and hard about the colors that strike her when she “sees them in nature or in someone’s eyes.” She has to pull up the emotions from deep within her, then use the most powerful colors to help her funnel those feelings onto her canvas.
Abstract painting is always a risk, but it’s always worth it. “You need to sometimes control your surge without losing your audacity,” says Patou of how she goes about the process of abstract painting. “It’s an exhausting trip, but so rewarding.”
When you’ve pulled up your deepest emotions and put them on canvas, you’ve given away a little piece of yourself. It’s draining, and sometimes a little hard to part with this mark you’ve left on the world. But your painting now has a life of its own, ready to carry on your legacy with it forever. This is art.

Art is Magic: Welcome to Patou’s World

Tuesday, July 07, 2009
What makes an abstract painting so special? This is a question that people have been asking for a long time, just as we search for the meaning of life or the end of the rainbow. We do not have an answer for you today, nor will we next week. Abstract art is what it means to you and how it makes you feel, and it is special for each person in a different way.

Patou likens abstract painting to music without lyrics or a beautiful daydream—there is no anchor point in reality. Lyrical music tells you what to think, while a melody tells your heart to feel the music in all its emotional power. Everyday life often dictates that we follow linear trains of thought, while a daydream is free flowing and limitless, guided only by the imagination.

To either create or appreciate abstract art, you must let go of the reality around you and sink into yourself, focusing only on your feelings and the freedom you’re opening the door to. Disregard the image, because there is no image. Let in colors, lights and textures, and let them all mix together. You must feel with your heart, not think with your mind.

Patou says she likes to paint beauty with a capital B, and to always convey a message. The message is not political or religious, personal or philosophical—just simple: “Let go of everything and enjoy the moment.”

Try it. It’s easier than you think.

Laws of Attraction: A Checklist for Exploring Emotion and Purchasing Art with Confidence

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Last week we discussed spontaneous investments in art and art furnishings and the importance of trusting your instincts. On the other hand, we realize that for some of you, spontaneity is a word you may not be very comfortable with. We want you to know that’s OK; we have not forgotten you.

There are other ways to feel confident about purchasing art and art furnishings, so we’ve thought about our favorite and tidied it up into a mental checklist you can reference in any gallery or showroom. For every piece of art and art furnishing that piques your interest, try this:

  1. Describe the very first impression the piece has on you. What words come to mind? There’s no right or wrong here -- just let the thoughts flow.
  2. Describe the imagery of the piece. What exactly do you see? For example, to one person, a certain scene in a painting may look like a sunset, but to you, it may appear to be fire. Remember that you can often see emotions in art, just as you can hear them in music. Look for these, too.
  3. Now, you can analyze. Break the piece down into elements and analyze them separately. Consider color -- do the colors in this work symbolize something? Consider forms -- are they life-like or abstract? Commonplace or fantastical? Consider balance, contrast, movement and rhythm -- how do these qualities stand alone? How do they influence each other or work together?
  4. It’s time to interpret the piece. Based on your experiences and personality, what does this piece mean to you? What was the artist aiming to express? Why did they create this piece at all? The better you know an artist’s work and his or her “story,” the better you can understand and appreciate the meaning of each work.
  5. Decision time! Think back briefly on your responses at each step: What’s your judgment?  Should you buy it? Will you?
With that, Patou sends you out into the artistic world to test out this checklist. You surely won’t buy every piece that catches your eye, but we trust you’ll truly love the one you do.

Trusting Your Instincts: The Emotional Side of Investing in Art

Thursday, June 18, 2009
What happened to spontaneity? Lately, it seems that everyone is shouting the mantra “Think before you buy!” Sure, this method works if you’re buying a plasma television or a car. But, when purchasing art, you aren’t looking at printouts of technical specifications; there is something else at play that drives this investment.

Art is about feelings and emotions. When you lay eyes on that perfect painting or furnishing piece, something comes over you like a wave washing over the sand. It may be tranquility, contentment, passion or excitement. Art can even evoke our strongest feelings of love. Walk away, and the feeling recedes like the wave.

What if you don’t walk away? When you make that spontaneous purchase based solely on the feeling a piece evokes deep within you, you are bringing that emotion into your home forever. With every passing day that feeling grows stronger, more embedded in your lifestyle and more interlocked with the physical piece. Soon this piece of art becomes the emotion, and thus becomes a part of you. Even just one perfect piece expresses the real you for all to see.

In many families, artwork and art furnishings are passed down through generations, increasing their value but also strengthening the emotional ties attached to each piece. When you pass a piece down to your children or grandchildren, offer them a window to the feelings that make you you.

Patou wants you to remember that sometimes a little spontaneity is good for the soul. Your first instincts are most often right—trust them.

Express Yourself: Using Art to Reduce Stress and Find Balance Every Day

Monday, June 08, 2009

As a child, do you remember finger painting in the bathtub, drawing with chalk on the sidewalk or making little sculptures out of Play Dough? More importantly, do you remember how these small and simple acts made you feel? Most likely, you felt happy and relaxed and experienced a sense of freedom – the freedom of getting lost in your imagination. So, as an adult, what’s stopping you from reclaiming these feelings every day, particularly in these challenging and highly stressful times?


Through art, whether it’s sketching on your lunch hour, taking photographs at any given moment or writing a story, you will discover many benefits to your overall well-being. Not only will the regular practice of art enable you to express your creative side, it will also help you find the outlets that work for you to reduce stress, get in touch with your feelings, think clearer, and overall, establish balance in your life. And now, more than ever, it’s critical to implement positive, daily activities to overcome personal difficulties.

From soothing tension to discovering a new talent, art can offer the optimum escape, joy and self-awareness. Moreover, the process of creation can take you out of one state of mind and put you in a better one -- one that helps you manage your behavior, so you can find insight and focus and take on any challenge that presents itself.

Patou encourages you to take the time to find your creative form of expression, even if it’s as simple as looking at an art book, visiting a gallery or starting a new music collection.