Warm Homecomings, Royal Reunions: Staying Grounded to Keep You Going

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Patou was in Monaco for her mother's birthday with her husband Thierry, her four sisters their husband and nieces. I am always happy to be in Monaco and in our family home, where we all grew up: there are so many memories.
When I am visiting my mother in Monaco each time I see old friends that attended school with me, including Prince Albert de Monaco. We had an amazing lunch at my mother's house and showed him my latest work, which he liked very much.

Therefore, the point to this week's blog, is to look at who and what is around you for inspiration. Maybe it's a family member who has overcome a tough challenge, a joyful dog, a great dinner with friends and wine you had recently that will, in some way or another, weave its way into your work.

Recall your memories, look at your surroundings and open your heart to what's familiar, as well as what scares you; for you never know it will better you and what flows through your brush, lens or whatever medium you call your own.

  "Art is magical, welcome into my world"  Patou